Shirah Kahol (Amanda Blue)
What If
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Lyrics- What If... (3b/32) © 21st April 2012

What if... I woke up, and you were not there?
What if... you told me something, I couldn't bare?
What if... it never stops raining, on me,
I'd be drowned by my tears. yeah

What If ... repeat x8 in ad lib style

What if... I lost you, in a crowd, far from home?
What if... I found myself, broke and all alone?
What if the world stopped turning,
And I , can't catch my breath.
But then again,
What if... is no reason, to give in!

What If ... repeat x8 in ad lib style

Cos one thing I know, my love,
Is how I feel about you,
Its how you light up my life,
You're the one that helps me get through

And, what, would I do without you, here, by my side?
Who, would hold me close,
Who'll, keep my bed, warm at night?
And, who'll be my guiding light,
When, the whole world seems so dark?
Who, will lead the way back home,
Back home?
What if... ain't no reason to give in.

What If ... repeat x8 in ad lib style
What If...
Story Behind the Song:
Questioning the future, uncertain about the future and relationship.Worried about bad things that could happen.
Lyric Credits: Amanda Fisher
Music Credits: Amanda Fisher
Producer Credits: Blue Song Productions
Performance Credits: Amanda Fisher as Shirah Kahol
Song Length: 5:08
Primary Genre: Folk-Country
Secondary Genre: Country-Alternative
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Subject Matter 1: Life
Mood 1: Worried
Mood 2: Poignant
Language: English
Era: 1950 - 1959