Shirah Kahol (Amanda Blue)
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Lyrics- Shadow © 24th November 2011

Female V1
Just Like an echo calling (calling)
I hear his pain,
Somehow, I know He's calling,
I can't remain,

His voice inside my head,
I'll go insane,
If he keeps calling out,
Keeps calling out my name,
(Like a Shadow)

Male V2
You will be mine my lovely,
Of this I know,
You can't resist my powers,
In time they'll take hold,

Don't try to fight it,
Don't resist, you are defenseless,
Don't make it hard,
Cos you won't win.

There's two sides to every story,
I don't hate you
I just Love you,
and I want to let you in.

It's like he knows,
my every thought, my every memory.
It's like he knows,
just where I've been.
How can he know,
exactly what I'm thinking?
How does he know,
the friends I've seen?

It's like, I feel him,
like a shadow running over me,
He sends a shiver down my spine,
It's like I know,
this story doesn't have a happy ending,
like I'll be his in time.

Into my arms my lovely,
You will succumb,
You will be mine forever,
When this day is done.

Don't be frightened,
my love for you runs deep,
Don't think that I don't care.

I want to feel your lust,
Reveal your deepest passion,
With all your soul, to bare.

Female / (Male)
He's calling out to me /(Come to me)
I'm losing control / (Feel me)

He's taking over me / (Embrace it)
Heart, body and soul / (I can set you free)

I'm falling deeper now / (So close now)
I can't hold on / (Let Go)
He has now set me free / (Embrace me)
He's won / (Your Mine)

Male Outro
Such beauty in front of me
I betroth my love,
Your mine for eternity
Until the end of time

Female Outro
Time, time,
shadow, a shadow,
it's like a shadow (echoing)
Story Behind the Song:
Musical Song- Based on the tug of war between a controlling force (man), who is stalking a woman. (Vampire & human), Beauty and the Beast etc
Lyric Credits: Amanda Fisher
Music Credits: Amanda Fisher
Producer Credits: Blue Song Productions
Performance Credits: Amanda Fisher as Shirah Kahol
Song Length: 5:26
Primary Genre: Unique-Unclassified
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Duet Male/Female
Subject Matter 1: Power
Subject Matter 2: Bad Love
Mood 1: Anxious
Mood 2: Stressed
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later